Crimson FAQ: How Do I Assign Credit to a Partner for a Partnership Gift?


How do I assign credit to a Partner for a Partnership Gift?


Partnership attributions are handled after batches or contributions have been loaded into Crimson. If the partners to whom you are assigning credit for a partnership gift do not already have People records in Crimson, first create those records using the Add a Record function from the People Dashboard.

*NOTE: The Partnership Donor Profile (People Type = R - Partnership) and Gift need to exist in Crimson prior to assigning credit.  Please see the Add a Record guide for instructions on how to create a new People record.  You may also want to see the How Do I Import Partnership Attributions FAQ if you prefer to import the attributions.

Below are instructions to manually apply the attributions one at a time:

  1. To start, you will need to navigate to the contribution you wish to adjust. Find the gift using the Money Search which can be found on the Fundraising or People Dashboard’s Navigation Bar.


  1. Use the Filters to run a contribution search. Click mceclip1.png when done.
  2. Open the gift from the Results window by clicking on the mceclip2.png button.
  3. Click Adjust. An Adjustment and Adjustment Date field will appear.


  1. Select PT – Partnership Attribution from the Adjustment drop-down menu.
  2. The Adjustment Date will automatically be filled in with the current date. You may edit this date to reflect the original contribution date or the date when the partnership supplied you with this information either manually or using the Calendar icon. *Please note: This is the date that will appear on your FEC report as the partnership attribution date.
  3. Enter the amount the partner should receive credit for in the Adjusted Amount field.
  4. Search for the partner to credit using the Donor id search bar by ID or First and Last Name.
  5. Click Apply to finalize the partnership adjustment.
  6. Repeat this process for each partner until the full partnership gift amount has been attributed.
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