Crimson: Expenditures - Ultimate Vendors

Ultimate Vendors/Memo Transactions are commonly used for credit card payments or staff reimbursements. The credit card payment or reimbursement is entered first. Then the details of the charges made on the card or by an individual are entered as memo entries. 

Entering & Linking Ultimate Vendors/Memo Transactions – Expenditure Data Entry

  1. Under the Treasury Dashboard, click the New Expenditure action button and enter the payment expenditure. See Crimson – Expenditures Data Entry for more details.
  2. Save the payment entry and then open the expenditure detail.


  1. Locate the Ultimate Vendor
    • mceclip6.png- Use the search button to find and link an existing the memo entry
    • mceclip4.png- Use the Add Ultimate Vendor button if the memo entries do not exist in Crimson yet.
      1. Click the mceclip5.png button.
      2. Search for and select an existing payee or Add a New Payee for the memo entry.
      3. The New Disbursement window will appear. Enter the information for the linked memo entry similar to a regular expenditure.
      4. Click Save when done. Continue the steps above until all memo entries are linked to the Ultimate Vendor’s disbursement.

Click the mceclip7.png button to view the Ultimate Vendor’s details. Click the mceclip8.png button to open and view/edit a linked disbursement. Click the mceclip9.png button to export all linked disbursements in an Excel file.

**Please note: The memo entry disbursements will already have the Memo Indicator box checked. Above the Memo Indicator box is where you can add your FEC Memo Text.

Entering & Linking Ultimate Vendors/Memo Transactions – Expenditure Import

The expenditure import option allows you to add lists of disbursements into the database via an Excel file.  If the ultimate vendor payments you import have linked memo entries as well, you can perform a second import to enter and link them to the original payments.

Additional Columns to Include in Import File when Linking Memo Transactions:

Memo Indicator

Indicates whether an entry is a memo.

Link Transaction ID

Original Payment Transaction ID (assigned by Crimson).

For a complete list of required import fields see the Crimson: Expenditure Import guide.

What to Do in Your File when Linking Memo Transactions:

  1. Make sure the payment to the individual/staff member or Credit Card Company is in Crimson.
  2. Include the regular fields for expenses plus the two additional fields above in your Excel file.
  3. To signify a memo entry, include a column in your Excel file for Memo Indicator (Is Memo) and enter an “X” in each cell that applies.
  4. Enter the corresponding payment’s Link Transaction ID for each memo entry. This can be found in the result file of the first import or within the transaction window in Crimson.


5.  Enter the FEC Description for the payment made to the vendor and FEC Memo Text if needed.

6.  Import like normal using the Import module on the Treasury Dashboard.

Here is an example of the minimum requirements needed for the linked memo entries import file before you can upload them and have them linked to the ultimate vendor payments.

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