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Keywords are useful in organizing your People records and categorizing them in easily searchable groups. Keywords are often used to track coalitions, issues, and to list source and volunteer activities.

Creating and Editing Keywords

  • To create a new custom keyword or view existing keywords, click Settings on the Main Menu and then select People or select Settings from the People Dashboard. Select the Keyword tab from the top of the screen. A list of your existing keywords will appear along with the total number.


  • To search for certain keywords, type search variables into the Search Bar. The search variables may appear in the Code or Description sections.
  • To view and edit a keyword click the edit_button.png button to the left of the keyword you are trying to edit/view.
  • To delete a keyword, click the  button to the left of the keyword you're trying to delete. A confirmation message will appear asking, "Are you sure to delete?" Click Yes to delete the keyword permanently or No to cancel.

**Please note: You cannot delete a keyword that's currently being used in Crimson. In order to delete any keywords, you'll have to confirm that it is not in use for any records first.

  • To create a new keyword, click the add_button.png button and a new Keyword - Add window will appear.

  • Enter a Keyword Code of up to 30 characters that will help you remember its significance (Ex: DOOR TO DOOR or HOST PARTY).
  • Enter the full Description for the keyword.
  • Click the Save button when you have completed the Code and Description fields. You may click the Cancel button at any time to exit the Add Keyword window.

Using Keywords in a People Record

Within a People record, keyword information is displayed in the Flags & Keywords panel at the top of the profile. If there are keywords attached to the record, there will be a list of up to five keywords with a number of how many more are tagged to this profile. To see more, click on the panel and the profile will show a panel summary of flags and keywords.  Select the keyword tab to see the keyword overview. 


  • In this view you can search assigned and available keywords, use the arrows to move a selected keywords from “Available” to “Assigned” and vice versa. Next to each keyword, you can see the description and the date it was added to the record.
  • To create a new keyword in Crimson and add it to the record, click the plus_sign.png button and begin typing the new keyword in the field. Once done, press the plus_sign.png button to create and add the keyword. This will create a new keyword that can be used for the entire database. 

You can also use the Mass Append function to assign flags to multiple people records at once. For more information, please see the Mass Append – Flag, Keyword, Notes, Events and Tasks guide.

Searching with Keywords

When searching for People records, you may search for all records with one or more keywords under the Group section. 


You may also use keywords to hide certain records when searching by entering those keywords you wish to exclude under the Suppression section. You can search for general keywords or you can search “Supp: Having All Keywords” which will suppress results that have all the listed keywords in the field.  


For more detailed information on searching and using the Suppression functionality, please see Crimson: People Search solution.

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