Crimson FAQ: How to Link an Event to a Source Code

In Crimson, Event Codes can be used to help manage event details and invitees. Event Codes are applied at the People Record level, whereas Source Codes are applied at the gift level to help identify where money is coming in from. The two codes can be linked together to help enhance event tracking.

How to Link an Event to a New Source Code via the Event        

  1. Navigate to the Event Dashboard.
  2. To view events that need a source code, click the Events Not Linked to A Source Code red card. This will generate a list of events that do not have a source code linked.
  3. Add and link a new source code to an event from this view by clicking the mceclip0.png button next to that event.
  4. In the Manage Event window, click mceclip1.png. In the window that appears, you can create a Source Code and add cost, date, and quantity details. When you are done, click mceclip2.png.
  • If the event is related to a Direct Mail piece, there is a Mail Data section available to be completed with the Cost Per Piece information available from your Direct Mail vendor. This information will allow Crimson to enhance the performance tracking of your event, resulting in additional reports available for analysis.


How to Link an Event to a Source Code via Source Code Settings

**Please note: The Event must exist in Crimson before attempting to link an Event Code to a Source Code under Money Settings.

  1. Go to Settings on the left Main Menu and select Money. Then select the Source tab and a list of existing Source Codes will display.
  2. Click mceclip4.png to create a new Source Code or click the mceclip5.png button next to a Source Code and then the mceclip6.png button in the new window to link an Event Code.


  1. The Source Code must have a Source Code and Description. To link an event to the Source Code, start typing the Event Code or Description into the Post $ to Event field, a drop-down will appear as you type, select the correct Event Code.
  2. Click mceclip2.png when done making your edits.
  3. Once saved, any money entered into the database with the Source Code will be tracked in all linked event areas.


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