Crimson: Contributions - Undoing a Contribution Adjustment

If you accidentally adjusted a record or adjusted it incorrectly, you can undo the adjustment from within the People record.

**Please note: Before undoing an adjustment, please confirm that this information has not yet been reported to the FEC. If it has been, be sure to adjust this information in an amendment within CrimsonFiler as well.

Take the following steps to undo an adjustment:

  1. Search for the donor whose contribution you need to undo the adjustment for.
  2. After opening the People record, click the Giving Summary panel.
  3. In the Giving Summary panel details under Recent Gifts, click Statement in the top right hand corner.


  1. From the list of contributions and adjustments, find the adjustment you wish to undo.
  2. Highlight the adjustment record by putting the cursor over it (not the original contribution) and the red Undo Adjustment button should appear.


  1. Click the mceclip2.png button.
  2. A confirmation message will appear asking, "Are you sure you want to undo this Adjustment?" Select Yes to undo it or No to cancel.
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