Crimson: Contributions - People Type and Payment Type Codes

Use the helpful codes listed below when importing regular Receipts.

People Type Codes (for regular receipts/donations):

I = Individual

C = Candidate Campaign Committee

P = Multi Candidate PAC

S = State or Local Party Committee

O = Non Multi Candidate PAC

M = Non Federal Committee

N = National Party Committee

R = Partnership & LLC

T = Other

J = Joint Fundraising Committee

D = Indian Tribe

Payment Types (for regular receipts/donations):

AX = American Express

CA = Cash

CH = Check

CC = Credit Card

CI = Internet Credit Card

DS = Discover

EB = EventBrite

EF = Electronic Transfer

EM = Earmark

JF = Joint Fundraising Committee

PG = Pledge

PP = PayPal

VM = Visa/MasterCard

IK = In kind

OT = Other

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