Crimson: New Events Features

There are several new features and functionalities in Crimson’s Events Module that allow users to manage their events and invitees easier as well as complete tasks at the actual event such as process credit cards and check invitees in.

To learn more about the Event Dashboard, see the Crimson – Event Dashboard guide on our HelpDesk. Also, to learn more about the new search features and quick searches, see the Crimson – New Search Features and Crimson – Quick Searches guides on our HelpDesk.

Edit Event

  • Once you have opened an existing event via the Event Search or the Event Dashboard, you can view and edit the event’s details under the Edit tab. Please note, the 3 required fields for events are Event Code, Description, and Start Date.
  • In order to have the summary information in the top blue bar be calculated for an event such as Goal, Raised, Net, First Gift, Last Gift, and Outstanding Pledges, at least one Source Code needs to be linked to the event.
  • To add and link a new source code to an event, click the add_source_code.png button. If you want to link an existing source code to this event, you’ll want to go to Money Settings to do that.




  • When you check the Enable Ticketing checkbox in the Edit tab, you can then create different Ticket Descriptions with Participation Levels or amounts by clicking the plus_sign.png button.


  • Once you have created tickets, they can then be assigned to Invitees when you Process $ so that the number of tickets per attendee can be tracked. The number of tickets an attendee has been assigned can be viewed in the record’s Edit Event Participation page. Please note, that tickets can be assigned under Process $ whether the donor decides to Pay Now (CC) or Pay Later (Pledge).




  • In order to help you manage your invitees easier, a mass update functionality has been added where you can Change Status or Check In multiple invitees instead of having to update their information one at a time. You need to check the checkboxes for each invitee you want to update or you can check the checkbox at the left corner of the black header section to select all invitees and then click the Update Selected button.
  • Use the Quick Search bar in the Invitees section or the Status, Type, Checked In, or CTD Greater Than/Equal To search filters to find particular invitees or guests.
  • Click the edit_button.png button to edit the record’s Event Participation for this particular event, click the view_people_record.png button to open the invitee’s people record, or click the  button to remove the invitee from the event.
  • Click the process_.png button to process a credit card for the invitee now or create a pledge for the invitee for this event. For more information about the Process $ feature in Events, please see below. Click the  button to mark the invitee as checked in to the event.
  • To quickly update an invitee’s Status, open the drop-down menu and select the new status from the available options. Once selected, that invitee’s status will automatically be updated.


To learn more about the Events’ Mobile Version, see the Crimson – Events Mobile Version guide on our HelpDesk.

Process $

  • When you click the process_.png button, you can view summary details for the invitee, contact information, the Ticketing options, and the option for the invitee to Pay Now (CC) or Pay Later (Pledge).
  • Under the summary details for the invitee, you will be able to see if the invitee already has any tickets assigned to them for this event.
  • When you use the Ticketing feature, it will automatically calculate the Amount according to the number of tickets you choose to purchase, but you can manually change that amount if the invitee chooses to donate on top of their ticket purchases. Please note, that tickets can be assigned under Process $ whether the donor decides to Pay Now (CC) or Pay Later (Pledge).
  • Once you’ve completed the fields in the Pay Now (CC) section and checked the Disclaimer checkbox, click the Enter Payment button to enter the credit card information and process the payment.



  • If the invitee chooses to pledge instead, select Pay Later (Pledge), complete the pledge fields and click the Save


Radius Search


  • Within the Map tab, on the bottom right side of the map, is a Radius Search feature that allows you to search for People Records within up to 50 miles from the Event’s location. You can filter by CTD Amount, Highest Gift Amount, Last Gift Amount, Last Gift Date, and/or Invite Type.
  • The results of your search will populate the map. Once complete, you can then either export your results to an Excel by clicking export2.png or invite these records to your event by clicking invite.png.


  • An Event Briefing can be created directly in Crimson and printed when needed. It includes the event’s main details, Contacts, a Timeline, Content along with an image, and an Invitees List. The records listed in the Invitees List can be filtered to only show specific people.
  • Please see the additional attachment for an example of an Event Briefing
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