Crimson FAQ: How to Update Microsoft Word Settings for Mail Merging Amount Fields

When mail merging an exported file from Crimson into a Microsoft Word template (i.e. Thank you letters), you may need to update the settings for the amount fields in order for them to be formatted correctly in your letters and allow for up to two decimal places to display. Follow the steps below to ensure that the amount fields are mail merged in the correct format. For more information on completing a Mail Merge in Crimson please read the Crimson Mail Merge guide.

  1. Leave your Excel file’s amount field formatted as a money type field.
  2. Create your Microsoft Word template/document for the mail merge like normal.
  3. You will likely have an amount insert that looks similar to the example below. Use your mouse to hover over that amount insert field and right click on it.


  1. Select “Toggle Field Codes” from the amount field drop-down menu.
  2. The line should appear like this now:


  1. Add the following to the rule: \# $,#0.00x and the line should appear like this now:


  1. Right click on the insert field and toggle it back to the normal view.


  1. Proceed like normal with your mail merge.

Below is an example of how the amount fields should appear after you have updated the settings for those fields for the mail merge.


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