Crimson: Expenditures: Schedule F - Coordinated Party Expenditures

Political Party Committees must itemize/report coordinated party expenditures on Schedule F – Coordinated Party Expenditures. Coordinated Party Expenditures are similar to regular expenditures except they have some additional fields for the Designated Committee and Subordinate Committee.

Schedule F expenditures can be recorded in Crimson and then imported into CrimsonFiler or they can be uploaded directly into your CrimsonFiler FEC report.

**Please note: Refer to the CrimsonFiler: Expenditures guide on the HelpDesk for directions on how to enter expenditure data directly into FEC reports in CrimsonFiler.

Entering Schedule F (Line 25) – Coordinated Party Expenditures into Crimson:

You will add Coordinated Party Expenditures into Crimson in the same manner as normal expenditures except you will need to include additional information for the Designated Committee and Subordinate Committee.

Once you have selected the FEC line number of SF25 – Coordinated Party Expenditure in the Edit Disbursement screen, the additional Designated Committee and Subordinate Committee fields will appear: Designated Committee FEC ID, Designated Committee Name, Designated checkbox, Subordinate Committee FEC ID, Subordinate Committee Name, Subordinate Street, Subordinate Address Line 1, Subordinate City, Subordinate State, Subordinate Zip, and Subordinate Zip + 4.

Once you have completed all of the fields, click the Save button.


**Please note: Refer to the Crimson: Importing New Expenditures or Treasury Receipts guide or the Crimson: Expenditure Data Entry guide for instructions on how to enter expenditures into Crimson.

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