Crimson: Contributions - Printing a Contribution Receipt

The Print Receipt function allows you to produce a .PDF receipt of a contribution to provide to another person or to print.

Prepare the Fund Code Prior to Generating Receipts

In order for the proper information to appear on the receipt, the organization name and address fields must be pre-populated in the Fund Code’s profile. To do so:

1. Go to the Fundraising Dashboard.

2. Select Settings in the Navigation Bar.

3. Click the Fund tab.  Note: You will need to this only once for each fund code.

4. Open the Fund Code you would like to be able to print receipts for by clicking the mceclip0.png button.

5. Enter the Organization Name and the Organization Address.

6. Click Save.


Print a Contribution Receipt

Take the following steps to print a single contribution receipt:

1. Use the People Search to find the donor record and open the donor's profile.

2. Click the Giving History panel and then click All under Recent Gifts to see a list of all gifts.  


3. Find the contribution that you want to print a receipt for.


4. Click mceclip5.png to generate and download a .PDF of the transaction's receipt.

5. Open the downloaded file and print it or save it to send to someone via email.  




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