Crimson: Bundler Dashboard

The Crimson Bundler Dashboard provides an overview of the bundler or fundraiser data by displaying total bundled by date, total bundled by fund code, outstanding pledges, incentive totals, shared totals, commitment totals, top 5 bundlers, top 5 recruiters, top 5 lobbyists, top 5 locations, and bundlers with unmet goals.

  • There is a Dashboard Navigation Bar at the top right corner of the page where you can access the:
    • Bundler Search
    • People Search
    • Money Search
  • There are Dashboard Active Buttons on the dashboard such as:
    • New Gift
    • New Pledge
    • Add a Record
    • Process Donation

These allow you to complete tasks related to bundler data without leaving the dashboard.

Please note, that the Process Donation button or Donate Now is only available if your database has an active MeS (Merchant e-Solutions) merchant account associated to Crimson. For more information about this feature, please contact


  • The first section of the dashboard breaks down your bundled contributions by fund codes and shows how much has been raised for different date ranges. When you select a particular fund code in the top left pie graph, the totals beneath Year-to-Date, Quarter-to-Date, Month-to-Date, Week-to-Date, Past 30 Days, and Past 7 Days will update to reflect bundled contribution totals specific to that fund code.
  • Click on the information shown on the blue or green cards to generate a list that consists of that total amount displayed on the card (either via a Search or related Crimson report) or to be taken to the related report for you to run.
  • The top 5 lists provide summary information based on total raised amount (CTD or YTD) such as top 5 bundlers, top 5 recruiters, top 5 lobbyists, top 5 locations (broken down by state, city, county, CD, region, and metro area), top 5 groups, and top 5 bundlers with unmet goals.
  • When you click a record in the top 5 lists, the corresponding record or the list from the Money Search or Bundler Search that make up that total amount will be generated.



  • When you click the dots.png button in any of the top 5 lists more records will be generated in an exportable list than just the top 5 displayed.
  • A list of Crimson Bundlers Reports are available at the bottom of the Bundler Dashboard. You can run these reports by clicking the report’s title. Click the bluedot.png button to display a list of all reports.
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