Crimson: PAC Dashboard

The Crimson PAC Dashboard provides an overview of PAC related data by displaying budget summaries, details about contributions made to other committees, and Independent Expenditure information.

  • There is a Dashboard Navigation Bar at the top right corner of the page where you can access the:
    • Payee Search
    • Expenditures Search
    • Congress Member Search
    • Payment Approval
    • Treasury Import
    • Treasury Settings

To learn more about the Congress Member Search and/or the Payment Approval features, see the Crimson – Congress Member Search guide, the Crimson Treasury – My Payment Requests guide, and the Crimson Treasury – Payment Requests – Treasury Staff guide on the HelpDesk.

  • There are Dashboard Action Buttons on the dashboard such as:
    • New Payee
    • New Expenditure

These allow you to complete tasks related to PAC data without leaving the dashboard.


  • Click the Overall Budget card to edit the Annual Spending Budget for the PAC and view a list of all existing allocated budgets towards payees or other committees. In that list, you can add a New Budget, add a New Payee, Edit or Delete an existing allocated budget, or create a new Disbursement based on the budget’s details.


  • Click the Budget Spent (YTD) card to view a list of all expenditures or contributions to other committees that are counting towards your overall annual budget that has already been spent. In that list, you can create a New Expenditure, Edit/View the disbursement’s details, or Delete the expenditure.


  • Click the Undesignated Contributions card to view a list of contributions to other committees that do not have an Election Code or an Election Year assigned.
  • Click the Committees Missing FEC ID card to view a list of payees with missing FEC ID numbers.
  • The top 5 lists provide summary information on the Most Recent Contributions to other committees, Unspent Budget, Excessive Contributions to Candidate Committees/PACs/Parties, and year-to-date Totals by Election for Independent Expenditures (by Dissemination Date and Transaction Date). 
  • Click a record in any of the top 5 lists that display transactions to view the payee record’s details or the expenditure’s details.


  • A list of Crimson PAC Reports are available at the bottom of the PAC Dashboard. You can run these reports by clicking the report’s title. Click the bluedot.png button to display a list of all reports.
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