Crimson: Expenditures - Schedule E, Line 24 - Independent Expenditures

The process of entering Independent Expenditures in Crimson is similar to adding a regular expenditure, but once the line number of SE24 – Independent Expenditures is selected, additional fields specific to Independent Expenditures (IEs) will become available to enter.

**Please note: The aggregates will calculate when your FEC Reports are created. All FEC report form types retaining to IE data offer an option to pull IE data based on either Transaction Date or Dissemination Date. IE aggregates are calculated on a calendar-year, per-election basis. This calculation is looking at a vendor's transactions by dissemination date for the calculation regardless of pulling the transactions by Transaction Date or Dissemination Date.

Take the following steps to add an IE:

  1. Go to the Treasury Dashboard and click the New Expenditure dashboard button.
  2. Either search for an existing payee or create a new one by clicking mceclip0.png.

Default Expenditure Fields:


  1. A disbursement data entry window will appear once the vendor is selected. Start completing the expenditure information.

**Please note: see Crimson: Expenditure Data Entry for further instructions on entering disbursements into Crimson.

  1. Once the line number of SE24 – Independent Expenditures is selected, additional fields that only pertain to IEs will appear below the default expenditure fields, including:
  • Dissemination Date – The date that the communication was publicly distributed or disseminated.
  • Support or Oppose – Reports whether the IE was made to support or oppose a candidate.
  • Candidate Info – Details for the Candidate that the IE is made in reference to.
  • Candidate ID, Candidate Prefix, Candidate First, Candidate Middle, Candidate Last, Candidate Suffix, Office, State, and District
  • Completed By/Signature Info – Details for the Signature section that appears at the bottom of each page in Schedule E. This lists who the IEs were completed or signed off by.
  • Completed by Date, Completed by Prefix, Completed by First, Completed by Middle, Completed by Last, Completed by Suffix
  1. Click Save.
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