Crimson: Searches - Column Preferences

The Column Preference tool can be used to quickly organize and filter the columns that are displayed for a Search’s Results. This function affects lists previewed in Crimson, but not Excel Exports.

View the Column Preference Tool

After running a Search such as People Search, Money Search, or any primary search available in Crimson, the Results will display on the screen as a list. In the top left corner of the list, between the list and the Filter tab, a gear.png button can be found. Click the button to pull up Column Preferences.


Functions of Tool

Once the tool has been opened, you can take the following actions:

  • Drag-and-Drop – To change the order of the columns in your list, click on the column you wish to move and drag it to the desired location.

  • Remove/Add – To remove a Column from the list, uncheck the box to the left of its name. If you would like to add a column, check the box.

Once you are done organizing the columns, you can either:

  • Save – Confirms all changes you have made to the columns.

  • Reset – Resets the column order and selection to the last saved preference.

  • Default – Returns column preferences to Factory Settings. Click Save to keep those settings.

NOTE: Changes to Columns only apply to the results of the Search you are in. It will not change the Column Preferences for all searches available throughout Crimson since each one is unique.

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