Crimson: Event Dashboard

The Crimson Event Dashboard provides an overview of event data by displaying total amounts, counts, a map of where events are located, and summary information on top events, fundraising codes, and locations.

  • There is a Dashboard Navigation Bar at the top right corner of the page where you can access:
    • Event Search
    • Import Invitees


  • Click on the information shown on cards to generate a list that consists of that count or total amount displayed on the card. For example, if you click on the Total Raised amount or Events Not Linked to a Source Code, they will run the related Money or Event Search that consists of those records that make up that number.


  • The one Dashboard Action Button available is the Add Event button.


  • The graphs will provide additional information related to event goals being met or not, event invitee statuses, and payment types for event contributions. Also, there are total amounts raised in events broken down by date ranges.


  • The top 5 lists provide summary information on upcoming events, top events, top fundraising codes, and locations that show how and where you are raising the most money through events.


  • At the very bottom of the Event Dashboard, you will see a list of Event Reports and Fundraising Reports that you can run by clicking the report’s title. If you click the dots.png button in either section, a list of all Event or Fundraising reports will be displayed.
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