CrimsonFiler: Advanced Aggregates

Advanced Aggregates

The Advanced Aggregate CrimsonFiler feature will allow clients importing multiple fund codes to aggregate the totals.  Previously, a CrimsonFiler user would have to import the first group of financial data and then import the second to have aggregates totaled separately.  Now, simply use the aggregate options provided upon import. 

Using the Advanced Aggregate Feature

  1. To start using the feature, create a new report or navigate to an open report in CrimsonFiler. If you need assistance creating a report, please see: Creating an FEC Report
  2. Click  from the main page or navigate to the specific schedule you want to import into. 
  3. In the window that opens, select which Fund Codes you wish to import.
  4. After you have selected your Fund Codes, Aggregate options ranging from 1 to 4 will appear. Note that the default selection is 1.  If all your Fund Codes can be aggregated together there is no need to take any further action and you can continue with your import.
  5. Use the options provided to choose which fund codes will be aggregated together. Fund Codes with the same aggregate number will be totaled together. 

For example, if importing data from two election cycles, your selections might look like below.  In this example, P2020 and G2020 will be aggregated together, separate from P2022 and G2022:



  1. When you have selected the desired aggregate options, click  at the bottom of the window and proceed with filing your report.
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