Crimson: Merging Duplicate People Records

**Please note: Merging is irreversible, so do not merge unless you are certain the two records are the same person.

Dupe Check in a People Record

1. After you have completed a People search and opened the record, click the Dupe Checking & Merge button search.png that is located at the bottom left section of the profile.

2. A Dupe Checker window will appear with People records that may be duplicates of that record.


3. Click and drag the record you want to review as a possible duplicate and drop it on original profile (it will be the first profile on the left). The Merge window will open, displaying the record to Keep on the left and the record to Merge on the right.


4. The Merge window presents the two records side by side with a list of fields and types explaining which information will be saved to the single resulting KEEP record and which will not in the center column. Next to each field are the numbers of entries each record has. For example, in the screenshot above there are 282 to tasks for the left record and 146 for the right. Underneath each entry is the how the information will be saved. Refer to the options below to understand how each field may be transferred to the Keep record:

  • Carry over if not ‘Exists’ – will carry over if it does not exist
  • Copy – will copy over
  • Append if not ‘Exists’ – will append/add if it does not exist
  • Not Applicable - N/A

5. Organize data before merging:

  • Click the switch.png to make the Merge record the Keep record.
  • To move specific information from the Merge record to the Keep record before merging, click the  button next to each entry.

6. Click merge_button.png to finalize the merge.

7. A confirmation message will appear asking: “Merge will make permanent changes. Are you sure to merge record ______ to _______?” Click Yes to merge the records or No to cancel the merge.

8. After the merge is complete, you will return to the Dupe Checker Repeat the process for all existing duplicate records. When you have finished merging, simply close out of the Dupe Checker window and you will return to the original profile.

Not a Dupe in a People Record

If a match is not a duplicate of the main record (for example one record is John Smith Sr. and the possible duplicate is actually John Smith Jr.), then use the Not a Dupe toggle button for the record. This will prevent the record from pulling in future Duplicate Reports and Dashboards available throughout Crimson.


Dupe Check Entire Database

Crimson also has several dashboards and detailed reports available for checking possible duplicate records.

- Visit the Compliance Dashboard to see the possible duplicate data counts and use the Deduping Tool by clicking the red Possible Duplicates Card.

View the Data Maintenance Reports list to see a list of reports dedicated to duplicates. To see all the reports, click the dots.png button. For example, run the following report to see a list of possible duplicate individual type donor records:

  1. Select the dots.png  Data Maintenance Reports list and find report # 104 – Dupe Checker (Individuals). This report uses keyline matches to find a list of all records that could be duplicates based on Address, Home Phone, Email and/or Employer.
  2. Click the run.png button to run the report.
  3. Click export2.png to open or save an Excel file that contains the list of possible duplicates.
  4. As you review the list for duplicates, use the Merge tool under the People menu to merge them together.
    1. Open the People Dashboard and click the Merge dashboard button to open a merge tool window.
    2. Within the merge window, search for the record you want to keep on the left side and press the Select button once you find it.
    3. Repeat this process for the record you wish to merge on the right side of the window (the search bar for the record to merge will appear after you have selected the record to keep).
    4. Continue with the merge steps listed above under "Dupe Check in People Record".
    5. Repeat this process until you have finished merging all the duplicates you find in the Dupe Check report file. You may want to run the Dupe Check report once more after finishing to confirm that no duplicates remain.
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