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You can use the Quick People Search or full People Search to find, view, and edit a People record. To learn more about the quick searches or new search features in Crimson, see the Crimson – Quick Searches guide or Crimson – New Search Features guide on our HelpDesk.

The People Profile in Crimson segments data into separate panels and includes summary information in each. When a panel is selected, the lower half of the profile displays that panel’s summary details and analytics as well as the list of the records that are being summarized. 

Below shows how to edit a people record and the features in the Giving History panel. To learn more about all of the panels in a People Profile in detail, see the Crimson – People Profile Panels Details guide on our HelpDesk.



Edit a Record’s Profile Fields

  • Click the Individual or Organization panel to open the Edit Record The information shown in these panels depends on the People Type selected for the record.



  • The majority of the fields will open in a fully editable format as displayed above. When you have made all appropriate changes, click the Save button at the bottom right. Click the Cancel button to undo any changes made without saving. You can exit the Edit Record screen by clicking the red X at the top right.

Giving History

  • In the Giving History panel, you will see the Cycle-to-Date total with the number of gifts that equal that amount and the Most Recent contribution amount and date.


  • Click the %2B.png button to add a new gift under the people profile. Once you have added the contribution information in the new money screen, press the Save.


  • When you click within the Giving History panel, the lower left side of the panel summary will display summary contribution data and analytics such as totals by fund, year, program, and the total a linked spouse has given to active fund codes while the right side of the panel summary will display a list of Recent Gifts.


  • When you click a total amount in the left side of the panel summary, it will display a list of the contributions that make up that amount. For example, if you click the $3,000 amount for G2018, it will display a list of all the individual contributions this donor gave to G2018 that equals the total amount of $3,000.


  • When you click a recent gift on the right side of the panel summary, it will open that contribution record so you can view and/or edit money details.


  • Click All to see all live gifts or Statement to see gifts that may no longer be live along with the adjustments that have been applied such as refunds or chargebacks.


  • When viewing all gifts in a people record, you will see a table that summarizes the totals that donor has given to active fund codes and how much they can still give before they are maxed out in the Remaining column.


  • You can filter by Fund code, Source code, Program code, and/or Date in the Gifts view to specify which gifts you would like to view.


  • You can filter by Fund code, Adjustment Type, Batch Date, and Adjustment Date in the Statement view to specify which gifts you would like to view.


  • Click the edit_button.png button to view/edit a gift, click the button to delete a gift, or click the importt.png button to download a receipt. To export gifts to an Excel file, press the export.png button.


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