Crimson: Pledges

Entering a New Pledge

  1. Navigate to the People Dashboard and use the Search option in the Navigation Bar or use the Quick Search Feature to find the People record you would like to add a pledge.
  2. Click edit_button.png to open the record within your search results.

Note: If you are unsure how to use the search option, please see the Crimson: People Search guide on the HelpDesk.

  1. Within a People record, pledges are managed under the Pledge Once selected, the Pledge panel summary will populate.



  1. Click add_pledge.png to create a new pledge. A new pledge window will appear.
    • To view a recent pledge, click on a listed pledge from the right side of the window.
    • To see all the pledges, click All in the right-hand corner.
    • Click edit_button.png to open an existing pledge to make any updates or mceclip5.png to delete a pledge.
  2. The only required fields when creating a pledge are Amount, Date and Fund Code. However, if you also include the expected Source Code and Fund Code, then the gift will auto-reconcile when a matching gift is entered in Crimson.  Without a source code to match the gift to the pledge, you will need to manually apply the gift to its appropriate pledge. Fields to complete include:
    • Pledge Amount: Enter the amount of the pledge in this
    • Pledge Date: Will automatically be filled with the current date, but a different date can either be entered or you can click the calendar icon to choose the date from a pop-up calendar.
    • Expect Date: Enter the date when the pledge is expected to be fulfilled in this field or click the calendar icon to choose from a calendar.
    • Fund Code: Choose the fund code for the pledge from the drop-down menu.
    • Source Code: Choose the source code for the pledge from the drop-down menu.
    • Club: You can attribute a pledge to a specific existing club.
    • Comment: Enter any additional information/note about the pledge in this field.
    • Received In-House: If the pledge has been received, but has not yet been entered in Crimson, you can use the Received In-House area to note that it has been fulfilled. 

Enter the date of reception in the Date field or click the calendar icon to select the date from a calendar, and the gift amount in the Amount field. The pledge will still appear if you search for unfulfilled pledges, but the received in-house information will be visible in that search to avoid confusion about the status of the pledge.

  • Tracking: To give credit for the pledge to a fundraiser, enter that fundraiser’s tracking number in the Track# field within the Tracking area and enter the amount of credit to be given in the Amount Under the Balance section, you can see what amount is remaining after a payment with the same tracking # has been linked to this pledge.

Note: Be sure to always click save_button.png after you have entered or edited any information for a pledge.

Applying Attachments to a Pledge

Crimson now allows you to upload documents, like a pledge form, to the pledge.

  1. To upload an attachment to a pledge, open that pledge and go to the Attachment portion. attachment.png
  2. Click the above to choose the attachment or drag and drop the attachment in to the square.
  3. A confirmation message will appear saying, “New Attachment Saved.”
  4. To remove an attachment, simply click the X next to the attachment’s name. Then click Yes on the warning message.                                                                                                                                                             delete attachment.png                                                                               Note: Be sure to always click save_button.png after you have entered or edited any information for a pledge.

Applying Payments to a Pledge

Gifts that match an existing pledge in source code fund code will automatically be applied to that pledge, fulfilling it.  Gifts not marked with the same coding information or not matching in amount must be manually applied or linked.

  1. To apply one or more gifts to a pledge, open that pledge and go into the Link Payment


  1. Under the Link Payment section, a list of existing gifts for that donor will appear. Click the mceclip8.png button to the left of the gift that you are linking to the pledge.
  2. A confirmation message will appear asking, “Are you sure to add Payment?” Click Yes.
    • Click the mceclip5.png button to the left of a linked payment in the Payments section to remove it from the pledge. A confirmation message will appear asking, “Are you sure to delete Payment?” Click Yes.

Running Pledge Reports

There are several pledges reports available under All or Income Reports. #264 – Paid Pledge Report and #281 - Outstanding Pledges Report are both helpful reports to run when managing pledges.

  1. Click on the Show More icon under Income Reports List on the Fundraising Dashboard.
  2. Search for the Paid Pledge Report by entering some of the report’s name or report number in the Quick Search tool.


  1. Click  to open the Run Report window.
  2. Complete the prompts that appear for the report.
  3. Click run.png to view results on the screen.
  4. To open/save the list as an Excel file, click export2.png. You have the option to open with Microsoft Office Excel or save the file to your computer.
  5. Click the mceclip1.png toggle button at the top right of the results if you want to reset the search filters and re-run the report with different criteria.
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