Crimson FAQ: Event Status

Event Status is the RSVP status of the invited event attendees.  Your database will already have the default options of Invited, Confirmed, and Attended, but you can also add statuses to your database.  Event Statuses are required for importing event invitees. 

Creating and Managing Event Statuses

Event Statuses can be edited and viewed under People Settings, which you can access from the left side Main Menu.  In People Settings, click the Event Status tab to view all available Event Statuses.

  1. To add a new status, click the mceclip0.png icon.
  2. In the window that appears, type the new status name.
  3. Then click mceclip1.png in the bottom right.
    • To delete an Event Status, use the mceclip2.png icon. 


Importing Event Status

To import an excel of event invitees, your data must include an Event Status column.  This column cannot have any empty cells.  The statuses included must already be one of the Event Statuses in your database. 

For more information on Event Importing, please see Events Module Import

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