Crimson: Merge Action Button

**Please note: Merging is irreversible, so do not merge unless you are certain the two records are the same person.

To access the Merge action button, navigate to the People Dashboard and click the Merge action button. 



Once in the Merge feature, you can perform a merge of two People Records.

  • In the Merge feature window, use the search bar and the PID or Name to find the first record for the merge


  • At this point, there are two options:

1. Click select.pngfor the People Record you want to merge, and Crimson will automatically search for any possible duplicates. You can then select one of the possible duplicates to merge or click no_dupes_want_search.pngto manually search for the second record.


2. Check the box next to mceclip2.pngand then click mceclip1.png for the People Record you want.  This option will pull upon a second search bar for you to find for the second People Record to merge.


  • After you have selected your two records, the Merge window will update with an overview of the Record to Keep and the Record to Merge.


  • Use the middle list of fields in the center column to review which information will be saved to the single resulting KEEP record. Next to each field are the numbers of entries each record has. For example, in the screenshot above there are 293 to tasks for the left record and 62 for the right. Underneath each entry is the how the information will be saved. Refer to the options below to understand how each field may be transferred to the Keep record:
    • Carry over if not ‘Exists’ – will carry over if it does not exist
    • Copy – will copy over
    • Append if not ‘Exists’ – will append/add if it does not exist
    • Not Applicable – N/A


  • To organize the merge and data use the following icons:
    • Click the switch.png to make the Merge record the Keep
    • To move specific information from the Merge record to the Keep record before merging, click the mceclip10.png button next to each entry.


  • Click merge_button.png to finalize the merge.


  • A confirmation message will appear asking: “Merge will make permanent changes. Are you sure to merge record ______ to ______ ?” Click yees.png to merge the records or mceclip14.png to cancel the merge.


For more ways to merge, please review the guide on Merging Duplicate People Records or on Compliance’s Deduping Tool.

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