Crimson: Events - Edit an Invitee

Crimson allows you to manage each Invitee of an Event. You can open an existing event via the Event Search or Event Dashboard. Once an event is opened, navigate to the Invitees’ tab to view your invitees

For information on how to add new Event Invitees, please see the guide on the Event Import and adding via the People Record.



There are two ways to edit an Invitee.  The first is to edit directly from the Invitees’ tab.  From here, you can access several edit options using the icons.  

  • mceclip1.pngwill open up the full Edit Event Participation
  • mceclip2.pngwill open up the Invitee’s People Record Profile
  • mceclip3.pngwill remove the record from the Event.
  • mceclip3.pngopens up the Payment Processing window, allowing you to add ticketing information by processing a contribution or saving a Pledge.
  • mceclip5.pngcan be used to check in the Invitee on the day of the event.
  • mceclip6.pngallows you to adjust the Event Status for the Invitee.  Manage the statuses in People Settings.

To access all edit options, including those above, click mceclip1.png next to any Invitee’s record.  This will open a new window, Edit Event Participation, the second option for editing an Invitee from the Event Module.


  • Click the mceclip3.png button to process a credit card for the Invitee now or create a pledge for the Invitee for this event. For more information on Payment Processing, please see the guide. Click the mceclip5.png button to mark the Invitee as checked in to the event.
  • To update an Invitee’s Status, open the drop-down list and select the new status from the available options.
  • From this tab, you can also change the optional Invitee fields for RSVP date, Comments, Table #, and Invitee Type. Click mceclip8.png to update the Invitee.

***Note: You can manage the Event status and the Invitee Type options from People Settings***



You can edit the Invitee’s answers to each question assigned to your Event from this tab. Click on the blank space to the right of any question to open the field to type in your answer.  To save, click mceclip11.png




This tab lets you view existing payments connected to this Event for the Invitee and add new ones.

  • To Link a Gift, click the mceclip14.png button. This brings up a list of the Invitee’s gifts.  To link a gift, click mceclip15.png .


  • You can also Unlink a payment. To do so, go to the payment you wish to unlink and click mceclip17.png.



  • To add a New Guest, click the mceclip19.png button, fill out the necessary information in the Add Guest window and click either mceclip20.png, prompting you to create a new People Record , or mceclip21.png, which will just add the information as a Guest.


  • If the Invitee has Contacts linked to its People Profile, you can Add Contact as Guest by clicking the mceclip24.png button and selecting the Contact from the list using the mceclip25.png.


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