Crimson: Events - Ticketing and Payment Processing

Crimson allows you to manage the Ticketing and Payment Processing for existing events in your database. You can open an existing event via the Event Search or Event Dashboard.


  • To enable ticketing your event, check the Enable Ticketing box on the Edit page of the Event.


  • When you check the Enable Ticketing checkbox in the Edit tab, you can then create different Ticket Descriptions with Participation Levels (amounts) by clicking the mceclip1.png button.


  • Once you have set Ticket Descriptions and Participation Levels, they can be used to track an Invitee’s tickets. The number of tickets for an attendee can be viewed in the Invitee’s Edit Event Participation
    • You can navigate to an Invitee’s Edit Event Participation window by clicking the mceclip3.png icon next to the desired record under the Invitees tab of the Event.



Payment Processing

You can access Payment Processing from either the Invitees’ list or from an Invitee’s Edit Event Participation window.  To access the window, simply click the mceclip3.png from the Invitees’ list.  From each location, click the mceclip6.png to open Payment Processing.



When you click the mceclip9.png button, you can view summary details for the invitee, contact information, the Ticketing options, and the option for the invitee to Pay Now (CC) or Pay Later (Pledge).


  • Under the summary details for the invitee, you will be able to see if the invitee already has tickets assigned to them for this event.


  • When you use the Ticketing feature, it will automatically calculate the Amount according to the number of tickets chosen for purchase, but you can manually change that amount if you wish to manually enter a specific amount, but still track ticket numbers for the invitee. Please note, that tickets can be assigned under Payment Processing whether the donor decides to Pay Now (CC) or Pay Later (Pledge).


  • Once you’ve completed the fields under either Pay Now (CC) or Pay Later (Pledge) click Enter Payment or Save button to process the credit card or save the pledge.
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