Crimson: Phone Verification


The Phone Verification tool is located in the phone book of a People Profile. The Phone Verification tool is used to track the verification of phone numbers in the People Profile. In addition to phone numbers, verification tools are available for Emails and URLs.




Phone Verification

  1. Add a new phone number by clicking mceclip1.png, or edit an existing phone number by clicking edit_button.png.
  2. To use the Phone Verification tool, click the new verified check box.


  1. This will automatically open a new date box, defaulted to the current date but open for editing.mceclip2.png
  2. Click the save_button.png icon to save your changes.


Verification Through Import

In addition to handling manually, you can add Phone Verification through an Import

Simply add a column per number for verification date:

  • Home Phone Verification Date
  • Cell Phone Verification Date
  • Business Phone Verification Date
  • Fax Verification Date

*If it is verified, enter the date of verification. If not, leave blank. 

Once imported, the record’s number will be marked as verified with the date.  The verifications are exportable from a People Search as well.

Here is an example of the requirements needed to verify phone numbers through import.


Email and URL Verification 

The process of using the Email and URL Verification is identical. Emails and URLs also are found within the phonebook. 

When importing email and URL verification, simply add a column for:

  • Email Verification Date
  • URL Verification Date

*If it is verified enter the date of verification. If not, leave blank.


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