Crimson: Importing Attributes

To import Attributes, you will follow the same import process as you normally would for a New Contacts or New Gifts Import, and add the following columns to be able to import Attribute information: 

  • Attribute Name – Put the Attribute name here, just the name not the Category. 
    • NOTE: The Attribute must exist in People Settings first to be able to import. See Crimson: Attributes for more information on creating Attributes. 
  • Attribute Start Date – This is for the Start Date. 
  • Attribute End Date – This is for the End Date, not required. 
  • Attribute Active – Crimson will either assume based on date information, or you can use a Y for active or N for inactive. 


  • Click blobid0.png in the People or Fundraising Navigation Bars to start the Import Process. 
  • In Step 2 – Import Type select New Gift or New Contact. 
  • In Step 3 – Mapping include mappings for the Attribute related columns in your excel. 



NOTE: To learn more about Attributes, see Crimson: Attributes. 

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