Crimson - Mass Adjustment Tool

The Mass Adjustment Tool allows users to mass apply Full Refund Adjustments and Full Chargeback Adjustments. To use the Tool, click the mceclip0.png icon in the Dashboard Navigation Bar on the Fundraising Dashboard. 


Formatting the File 

Please check that your file fits the following formatting and field requirements before loading: 

  • Must be saved as an Excel file 

Required Fields: 

    • Adjustment Date - This will affect the period in which the adjustments are reported. 
    • Gift Amount (Format money fields with decimals, no commas or $ sign) - This amount must equal the amount of the gift in Crimson. If not, the gift will appear in “Not Matched and a partial refund/chargeback will need to be manually entered. Note: The Mass Adjustment tool can match both negative and positive transactions.
    • One of the Following required 
    • MID - Transaction Id of the gift record 
    • Credit Card Transaction ID If you have the WinRed automated loads feature enabled, make sure to request the ID field with your payout files from WinRed to match this field. This field should start with rv_ccc or rv_ch and be unique to each record. 


Using Mass Adjustment Tool 

  1. To import, navigate to the Fundraising Dashboard and then select Mass Adjustment from the Dashboard Navigation Bar. 
  2. mceclip0.pngIn Step 1, drag the file you want to import into tharea or click to select your excel file from your computer. 
  3. Then, select the worksheet from the excel file that will be uploaded. 
  4. In Step 2 – Mappingthe fields in the first column are the headers from your selected file. The drop-down fields in the second column are fields available in your Crimson database. Use these drop-down options to map fields between your file and Crimson
    • You can also use the Auto Mapping option for Crimson to auto map fields for you but confirm all fields were mapped correctly afterwards and that all the required fields were mapped. 
    • You can save your mapping to be used in the future by clicking Save. You can choose Save to Selected Mapping (and select previously saved mapping) or Save to New Mapping (and create a new mapping option). Load Mapping allows you to use a previously saved mapping and Delete Mapping allows you to remove a saved mapping.

      NOTE: Adjustment Date and Gift Amount are required. At least one of TXN ID or Credit Card Transaction ID must be mapped and matched for the adjustment to be applied to the correct transaction.
  5. In Step 3 – ReviewCrimson will match the records in your excel to records in your database based on the information provided in your upload. You will have three sets of results.
    • Matched – The first tab will present you with any confirmed matches. 
      • You will be asked if you want these treated as Chargebacks or Refunds. 
        • Chargebacks are reported as negatives on Schedule A 
        • Refunds only mark these gifts as refunded in Crimson. You need to enter these as refunds on Schedule B to balance the cash on the FEC report. 
      • After you have confirmed which adjustment type you want, click Process and the records will be adjusted.  
    • Already Adjusted – There maybe transactions  that have already been processed for adjustments. You should review those to confirm no further actions is needed. 
    • Not Matched – Not matched means either the CC TRAN ID/MID does not exist in Crimson or the Amount does not match. You should review those to confirm no further actions is needed. 
  6. Click mceclip4.png to export an excel of the selected tab directly to your computer. 
  7. To process the Matched records for adjustment, use the Adjustment Type dropdown to select the type of adjustment to be applied to matched records.
  8. Step 4, click mceclip6.png to apply the selected Adjustment Type to the matched records. 
  9. You will see a confirmation of total gifts adjusted, with the total Chargeback or Refund Amount.
  10. You can use the “Already Adjusted” and “Not Matched” tabs to review records that may need more attention. 
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