Crimson: People Profile Layout Customization

With this customization tool, you can addremove, or move Panels on the People Profile. This will allow you to tailor your People Profile view to your needs. These custom settings will be saved to your user account, and will be applied to the unique database you save them in. 


Customizing People Profile 

  • To start editing People Profile, hover over the  blobid0.png customization icon at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Click the blue icon that appears below mceclip1.png 
  • This will enable customization mode. Hover over the Profile Panels prompting you to Remove, Add, or Move them. 
  • Remove – Click blobid3.png to remove an item from the dashboard view 
  • Add – Click blobid4.png to add an item to the dashboard view.  
  • Move – To move panels locations in the Profile View, simply click and drag a panel to a new spot in the list. 


  • Once you have made your changes, click the check.png button in the customization icon to save your changes or blobid7.png to cancel. 
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