Crimson: Money Search - Aggregation

The Money Search Results can be further analyzed using the results Aggregation tool in Crimson. 

How to use the Aggregation Tool 

  1. Enter your Money Search filter criteria and click run.png. 
  2. Your results will appear on the Results tab. 
    • In the lower right-hand side of the screen, Crimson will calculate the Total amount, the Live Gift Total, and the Soft Credit Total (or memo) of your results.
  3. Click the Aggregation tab to further analyze. 
  4. By default, the results will aggregate the total number of gifts and the total amount based on your search.
  5. Click in the Group By field to select further aggregation criteria. Filter field options include:  
    • Bundler 
    • Fund Code 
    • People Type 
    • Payment Method 
    • Source Code 
    • State 
  6. Select the field you would like to aggregate by to see results. You can select multiple. 
  7. Results will appear onscreen. 
    • Click export2.png while in the Aggregation tab to export your aggregation results. Go back to the Results tab to export your full list of records.


NOTESaved Searches will also save Aggregation settings 

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