Crimson: Loading Donation Received from WinRed

Loading Donations Received from WinRed


Step 1 – Enter the Conduit’s Contribution

  1. Create a people record for WinRed PAC if one does not already exist.
  2. After this record is created, click Add Gift.
  3. Create a gift with the Payment type of WR-Win Red. The amount should be the Gross Amount of the Transfer from WinRed PAC.
    • By selecting this payment type, this payment will automatically be marked as a memo with FEC Memo Text of “See Attributions below” and you will now see the "Earmark Attribution Import" tab on the gift record.

Step 2 – Enter the Earmarked Contributions

  1. Under the conduit’s money record, click the Earmark Attribution Import 
  2. Follow the normal importing steps 1 – 4
    • Step 1: Upload File
    • Step 2: Import Type
    • Step 3: Mapping
    • Step 4: Validate and Import


NOTE: Gifts loaded this way will link to the conduit record and automatically have the proper FEC memo text. They will also report at a 1:1 ratio, showing one WinRed memo for every Earmarked gift.

Step 3 – Enter the Processing Fees

  1. Click the New Expenditure action button on the Treasury Dashboard.


  1. Search for an existing Payee or click  to add a new one to Crimson. The payee should be:

 WinRed Technical Services LLC

1776 Wilson Blvd, Suite 530

Arlington, VA 22209

  1. ­Once you have selected or created a new payee, the New Disbursement window will open.


  1. Enter the new expenditure’s information.
  2. Click Save when done
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