Crimson: Conduit Module

How to Add a Conduit Recipient to Crimson

To use the Crimson Conduit Distribution module, you must create people records for each recipient and create a  unique Conduit ID to be used later for distribution.  Take the following steps to add a recipient to Crimson:


  1. If the record already exists, do a People Search for the recipient’s profile. If the record does not exist yet, go to Import/Data Entry and select Add a Record.  Create the profile then click save_button.png when done.
  2. You should now be in the recipient’s profile. Click on the Conduit panel to edit the Conduit
  3. The Conduit page will appear. Complete the fields below, then click save_button.png.
    • Note: the Conduit No. is created by the client. It should be unique to the recipient.


How to Track Donations for Conduit Distribution in Crimson

Once all recipients have a profile with a unique Conduit ID established, you can apply the ID to gifts via import or their gift’s detail screen.


Gift’s Detail Option:

  1. Look up the existing Donor record using People Search, or the gift using Money Search, and open the gift details screen.
  2. Click on the add_conduit.png button in the fourth column.


3.       Start typing the recipient’s name or Conduit ID, and then select the correct record from the drop down that will appear.


4.       Enter the amount of the gift being attributed to that ID.

** You can add additional Conduit recipients to a single gift using the add_conduit.png button, until done.  You’ll want to be sure the total of the conduit recipient amounts matches your original gift amount.

5.       Enter the related conduit Fee. The Net fee will auto calculate.

6.       Click save_button.png when done.



Import Option


Below are helpful tips for importing a list of donations given for conduit distribution:


  • When creating your file for import, be sure to include at least one column for “Conduit No” (this will be the unique ID you assigned to the conduit recipient), and one column for “Conduit Amount” (the amount of the gift being distributed to that recipient).
  • You can import up to 15 conduit recipients. To do so, make sure your file has columns setup like: “Conduit No 1”, “Conduit Amount 1”, “Conduit Fee 1”, “Conduit No 2”, “Conduit Amount 2”, “Conduit Fee 2”, “Conduit No 3”, “Conduit Amount 3”, etc.
  • If there is more than one recipient for the gift, you want to be certain the total of the conduit amount fields add up to the total of the gift amount.
  • When your file is ready, follow the regular steps to Importing a List of New Contributions. When mapping your fields, be sure to use the “Conduit No 1”, “Conduit Amount 1”, “Conduit Fee 1”, “Conduit No 2”, “Conduit Amount 2”, “Conduit Fee 2”, etc. fields.



How to Enter a Conduit Distribution in Crimson

Once all donations have been loaded to the database, you will want to take the follow steps to track the conduit distribution:

  1. Go to the More menu of Crimson on the left side menu bar and select the Conduit submenu option.
  2. The Conduit Dashboard will display with a summary of distribution details.
  3. To start a new distribution click New Distribution on the Conduit dashboard.
  4. Enter your filter criteria for the distribution
    • Fund Code – Enter the Fund Code for the Committee making the distribution
    • Batch Date – Enter the date range for the gifts you want to pull into the distribution
    • Conduit # – Select the conduit recipient. You should select only one per distribution.
  5. Click run.png when done entering the search criteria.
  6. Review the donations for distribution on the screen or click export2.png to review in Excel.
  7. Click Create Distribution, located in the lower left footer of the screen, when ready to move forward.
  8. Complete the distribution details.
    • Conduit No – This is the Conduit Recipient of the distribution.
    • Date – This is the date of the distribution. This date will be reportable to the FEC.
    • Comment – This is any comment you want to record for the distribution. This will not be included in the FEC report pull.
  9. Click yes.png when done.
  10. You can go back to the Distribution Search to view the newly created distribution. Click on edit_button.png to open the newly created distribution.
  11. Review the conduit distribution, then click completedistibuition.png when done.  A corresponding Expenditure will get automatically be created in Crimson as a result and the distribution status will update from Pending to Complete.
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