Crimson: BCC Tool

Crimson users can utilize the Crimson Mailbox Pickup Service tool to quickly forward and record email conversations with prospects, donors, and staff in their Crimson database.

NOTE: Emails must derive from existing Crimson users based on the email address assigned to their user account. Contact if you need assistance.


Where Do I Access My “Crimson MailBox”?


The Crimson MailBox is unique to each individual user per database they have access to. It can be located under their “My Account” menu at the top/right corner of Crimson.




What Email Address Should I BCC?


Crimson users should BCC


How Do I Use the Mailbox Pickup Service?

  1. Crimson User sends an email to a donor/prospect and BCC’s
  2. If a match is made for the user sending the email and the contact receiving it, then the message will be received in the user’s Crimson MailBox found under My Account.  
    • A notification email will be sent to the sender from Crimson to confirm the message has been received in their Crimson MailBox with a link to access the details.

NOTE: See Matching Logic below if no match is made or if you need additional details for how messages are matched to the correct Crimson MailBox.

  1. Click onmceclip1.png(My Account) in the top right corner of Crimson.
  2. Then select mceclip2.pngfrom the dropdown menu.
  3. The user’s Crimson MailBox will open.


Messages sent to it can be reviewed. Inbox review options include:

  • Message Status
    • Current – This is the default view and will display all matched messages currently in the user’s Mailbox for the database selected.
    • New – This will display new, unread, messages only.
    • Read – This will display read messages only.
    • No Matching – If no donor profile is matched in any of the databases the user has access to, the message will be marked as “No Matching” and displayed in every database the user has access to with this status.
  • Message Recipient
    • This feature allows admin users for the database to review other user’s emails forwarded. Select a user’s name from the dropdown to review their unique messages.
    • By Default, the messages of the user logged in will display under “Me”.
  • Search
    • This feature allows users to search for messages by name and subject.
  1. The user will have the following options per message:
    • They can click mceclip4.pngto view the complete message details forwarded.
    • They can click mceclip5.pngto create a Note for the matched people record. From here, they can edit the Note details before clicking mceclip6.png.
    • They can click mceclip7.pngto delete the message from the Crimson Mailbox.


Matching Logic

When an email is sent to Crimson use the MailBox Pickup Service the following logic is applied:

The Mailbox Pickup Service will first check if the sender’s email address is found in the Crimson user table.

  1. If it is not found:
    • The message will be marked as “Invalid” and will not be processed further. User will not see the message in any database.
  2. If it is found:
    • The tool will then check which database(s) the user has access to.
    • After, it will search for the original/first email recipient’s email address with the People Records for each database matched.
    • If a match is found, then the message will be added to the user’s “Crimson MailBox”.


Where Do I Access My “Crimson MailBox”?


The Crimson Mailbox is unique to each individual user per database they have access to. It can be located under their “My Account” menu at the top/right corner of Crimson.



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