CrimsonFiler FAQ - FEC Report Scheduler

The FEC Report Scheduler allows you to specify when you want your FEC report to start uploading. You can finalize your report on Thursday and schedule it to file on Saturday morning. This tool can be used for any report filed out of CrimsonFiler, including Form24

FEC Report Scheduler

  1. To get started, please open CrimsonFiler. 
  2. Next, generate the report you would like to file. 
  3. Please complete your report. If you need further instructions on how to create an FEC report, please view our Creating an FEC Report guide. 
  4. Once you have completed your report and generated it, please click on Step 3: File on the left.
  5. On that page, you will see the option Schedule. Please click on that to bring the drop-down. mceclip0.png
  6. Please select an upload date, time for your report, and click Schedule Now. *Be aware the time is Eastern Standard Time. 
  7. If you need to cancel your scheduled load, you can do so by viewing the Status of your report and clicking on the X next to your scheduled time. 


Note: It is recommended to avoid filing close to midnight on the filing date in case of any unforeseen circumstances. 

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