CrimsonFiler FAQ - FEC Miscellaneous Text

CrimsonFiler allows clients to submit multiple FEC Miscellaneous Text pages within a single report either by manually adding them one-by-one, importing an Excel file, or importing them from a previously filed report. The FEC Miscellaneous Texts will be listed after the Summary pages (two text records per page).


Steps to manually add FEC Miscellaneous Text to a FEC report in Crimson Filer, you want to:

  • Open the report in Step 1: Prepare, select the Text tab, and press the  button.

  • You’ll then be taken to the Add Text window where you’ll want to assign each FEC Miscellaneous Text a unique Tran ID, enter your text into the Text box, and then press the  button.




  • You’ll want to continue this process until all of your FEC Miscellaneous Texts have been added to your FEC report.


If you’ve already previously filed a report with the FEC Miscellaneous Texts you need, you also have the option to import those texts from the most recently filed prior report in Crimson Filer by clicking the  button.

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