CrimsonFiler FAQ - How Do I Add a JFC to a Form 1?

Adding a Joint Fundraising Committee (JFC) to a Form 1 - Statement of Organization amendment in CrimsonFiler is very simple. First, you will need to create the Form 1 amendment by clicking the blue  button next to the original Form 1 listed in CrimsonFiler under the Reports Listing page.

**Please see the Crimson Filer: Creating a Form 1 - Statement of Organization Amendment guide on the HelpDesk for further instructions.

Then, you want to select the Committee/Agent/Bank/JFC tab and click the  button.

In the Type drop-down menu, select Affiliated Cmte/Joint Fund Rep/Lead PAC Sponsor. After you've selected that Type, all of the required fields should populate for you to complete.

Once you have completed all of the necessary fields, click the Save Changes button and follow the normal steps for filing an FEC report in CrimsonFiler by completing Step 2: Generate and then Step 3: File.

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