Crimson: Financial Summary Dashboard

The Crimson Financial Summary Dashboard provides an overview of your invoice data, gives you access to the Reconciliation tool, and the Payment Request module.

  • There is a Dashboard Navigation Bar at the top right corner of the page where you can access the:
    • Payee Search
    • Invoice Search
    • Expenditure Search
  • There are Dashboard Action Buttons on the dashboard such as:
    • Pay Invoices
    • Payment Approval
    • Transfer Funds

For more information about invoices, see the Crimson – Financial Summary – Invoices and Payments guide on the HelpDesk. For more information about the Payment Approval, see the Crimson – Treasury – Payment Requests Treasury Staff guide on the HelpDesk. For more information about internal bank transfers, see the Crimson – Accounts - Transfer Funds guide on the HelpDesk.


  • When you select a fund code in the Open Invoices by Fund Code bar graph or you click on the total number of Open Invoices in the green card or Paid Invoices in the blue card, search results from the Invoice Search that make up that number will be generated.


  • The Reconciliation tool allows you to identify which transactions have cleared the bank and easily run report data to see which transactions have not within a selected period of time. To use this tool, you are required to record Expenditures and Other Receipts using the appropriate bank account codes associated with them. For more information about the Reconciliation tool, see the Crimson – Financial Summary – Reconciliation guide on the HelpDesk.


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